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In Loving Memory


On 09/09/16 I lost my beautiful Dad.

Allan James Hinds

We had recently moved him closer to us, straight from a three month stay in hospital. It was decided he could no longer remain independently living in his house, so we placed him in a nursing home that was just down the road from me. A two hour trip to visit now became only 5 minutes! We spent a lot of time together and became even closer than before.

Dad had just become stronger and I had taken him out for an x-ray on his shoulder and we had lunch out at the local bowling club. He enjoyed it so much, eating so much more than I'd seen him eat in weeks. We finished it off with a lovely delicious cappuccino and we made plans to eat out once a week now that he was strong enough to do so.

My Dad as I remember him.

A cheeky smile and full of life

One week later he was gone......

Along with pneumonia, he had aspirated food into his lungs. He couldn't get enough air and, coupled with all the other problems, spiraled him down over just a four day period.

I'll be forever grateful that we all got to spend that extra time with him by having him close. I just wish it had been a little longer (lot longer)


I know you are with Mum now. You are no longer cold or in pain. I miss you and still can't believe that you are gone. God Bless xxx


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