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A New Twist to my Art

Hi all.

To those of you who don’t already know….. my art has been on hiatus (sort of) this year while I created a children’s picture book! I‘m hoping those of you with children or grandchildren might want to take a look. ;)

This year I utilised the lockdown to not only write and illustrate, but to self publish also. Adding to all of that, I learnt how to properly use Procreate on my iPad and I must say….it is amazing. It is a digital format but, if you want, it can look like watercolour or acrylic or any other media. You just need the correct digital brushes and a bit of know how and voila…two tools (iPad and Apple pencil) now replace a whole art room of supplies.

For my writing, I am using a pseudonym as there is already a writer with my name. I’ll be using Kairen- for how my family pronounces my name and Alaina- for my third name, which was given to me to honour my dad (Alan).

There will be also be a big surprise available on the pre-launch subscription page which will be coming very soon…

…okay, I can’t keep it a secret. A Scarlett rag doll pattern and colouring pages will be yours to download. How exciting!

I’m aiming for a release date of January 30th 2022 but am hoping to get it out a little earlier. I just need to get all this darn admin stuff wrapped up.

About the book:

‘I Can Do That’ is a story about a little girl who wakes up and finds out her day is going to be very unusual.

Her Mummy informs her she has a new game to play and it’s one that will last all day.

Read along as Scarlett tackles a day of fun and practical challenges that prove that, if she tries, she really CAN do that!

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