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a little bit of play under trying times

Updated: May 23, 2020 has been hectic lately. Having my Dad in hospital and subsequently moved to a nursing home. there hasn't been much time for art ....or the teaching plans that have been burbling along for such a long time. No matter....priorities

I did manage to do a little bit of digital art though. I purchased a new app called 'Sketchbook" which I can use it on both my IPad and my computer. The computer version gives you the opportunity to add new brushes every week from the dedicated blog site...I love discovering them each week :)

So this birdie was completed on my IPad. I couldn't find my stylus, so had to use my finger, which indicated that the controls are quite easy to manipulate. (well.....she might have been a little bit neater if I'd taken the time to actually find the stylus lol)

The program/app is easy to learn and, I feel, worth the money.


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