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Art Workshop Review

Updated: May 23, 2020

Today, I will be reviewing an enchanting workshop from Danielle Donaldson called "All creatures, lovely and small"

To find it, just pop on over to Jean Oliver's ning site where, not only can you find Danielle's class, but many other teacher's offerings as well.

Back to the workshop....

With over 7 hours of video, Danielle provides gentle guidance through the mysteries of watercolour. She takes us through her no fuss process of how to combine colours and gives us tips on producing textures. She then demonstrates how to draw tiny whimsical animals and how to paint them. The icing on the cake for this workshop is the 'story block' additions to the finished projects.

I just love the combination of the cute little critters with the patchwork bases......who can resist them.

Even houses made an appearance on my project pages.

I love these little artworks, I just couldn't stop....well, I did 21 finished pages, but I have lots of ideas for further pages!

I've also gone one step further and sewn my project pages onto fabric double spreads. Next up, I'll bind all the spreads into a little book

I thoroughly enjoyed this class. "All creatures, great and small"

Danielle has a lovely voice that I could listen to all day long and her teaching style is so easygoing, friendly and's no wonder that this is the third workshop that I've taken with her.

Also, I have to point out that Jean Oliver keeps the classes on her site very reasonably priced and that's a big plus for a "workshop addict" like myself

Head to to find Danielle's class.

Edit: Danielle now has a beautiful website with all her new classes grouped together.


Here is the finished product after binding all the pages together

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