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Cheap paints are sometimes okay!

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

We all have that perception that, if something is inexpensive, then it isn't going to do a good job.

That can be true with acrylic paints, but it really depends on what you want to do with them.

Today, I've posted a journal page where I've used some very inexpensive paints from the scrapbooking section in K-Mart.

A lot of thought had been put into the colour choices..... very enticing. Boxed into sets of four at just AUD$5. I couldn't resist!

As I mentioned in the video, some of the colours had varying consistancies, but all were workable.

Using a credit card, I scraped a translucent layer of pink and blue over a scruffy old layer of purple.

With a well loaded brush in yellow, I laid in some petals and buds.

For leaves and stems, I used my brush, loaded in light green then tipped into the dark green. (This gave me a nice variation of greens all in the one stroke)

Using the back of a brush I dipped into orange and dotted in the flower centers

Highlights and some shading was applied and also a black outline.

On the facing page, I sketched in a girls face, basecoated her in flesh coloured acrylic then finished her off with pastel pencils. Yellow paint and a brown Tombow marker were used for her hair.

My memory card was filled up by now, so I missed out on recording the addition of some lettering, a few white background cirlcles and details on the girls dress.

So next time you see some bargain paint, give it a try. Using inexpensive materials has a way of freeing you up!

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