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WhimsiKan Subscriber's Area

Updated: May 23, 2020

Woohoo...I'm so excited to announce the arrival of my brand new Subscriber's area - Whimsikans

When you subscribe to my site, you become a WhimsiKan and that gives you access to fun goodies and a free workshop.

There is not a huge amount of content there as yet...but we all have to start somewhere right...and from time to time the content may change, so it is worthwhile checking in to see what is new. You can also download the free workshop to watch at your convenience's that sound!

If you'd like to subscribe head on over here today!

I hope to see you there

Have a Whimsikal day xx

(Tunnel Book Workshop.... complete with 4 videos, PDF and Collage sheets)

(subscribes have access to the WhimsiKans page which contains exclusive and free content)

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