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Book Folding

Updated: May 23, 2020

As if I don't have enough to keep me busy...I've discovered how cool folding book pages is! this one was so easy...I could almost do it with my eyes closed!

  • You want a book that numbered at 150 - 200 pages long which is an actual page count 75 to 100 pages

  • Separate your book from it's spine ( your eyes as this step involves a sharp craft knife)

  • Insert a craft knife down where the page meets the spine between the very first page and the cover and then do the same at join of the very last page and the cover. Voila! your pages are now free from the cover.

  • You will be tucking in 5 pages at a time, so keep the page count to a multiple of 5

  • Start with your book laying flat on the table.This will allow you to hold the petals in place as you progress. .

  • Starting at the front, count out 4 pages and bend the pages around until the edge tucks into the center.

  • Continue on, but count out 5 pages each time

  • When you are about halfway,you will need to stand the book up and by now the 'petals' will stay by themselves

  • On the last batch of pages you will have 6. Leave out that last extra page and tuck it around the very first batch of 4 pages

  • The 'petals' should stay in by themselves, but you can tie a pretty piece of ribbon or some gorgeous lace around it for added stability.

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