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Faux Art Journal

No pressure, pure fun and fantasy.

Create a character, a land, or even a world  of your choosing.

Do you want to....

Have fun

learn art journaling techniques

(or utilise skills you already have)

kick-start your own creativity

make beautiful art

be inspired

Come join me for a Faux Art Journal


Who is this workshop for?


  • have fun creating your own character within their own world

  • each Spread's prompt will be part of that story

  • brush up on skills that you may have forgotten about or haven't used in a while

  • Be inspired to explore new ideas


  • We will take it step by step. no previous experience needed.

  • Learn techniques then put them onto the pages of an Art Journal

  • There is no right or is whatever you want it to be!

  • all you need is a little imagination, a book and some supplies

Do I need lots of supplies?

If you have are good to go!

  • Art can use a new book specifically for art journaling or recycle a used book (novel or magazine)

  • gesso....great for prepping pages

  • brushes. assorted sizes

  • acrylic paint..... you can start out with as few as, white, red, blue and yellow

  • black and white gel pens

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