April 4, 2016

I forgot to blog about this tutorial. Here you find me adding a simple flap to my journal page. Easy-peasy but so interesting!


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April 1, 2016

Today's video features the monthly box from The Artful Life.  

The beautifully decorated box comes complete with some lovely art products and samples for you to try.


I'm also trying out Golden's Absorbent Ground which makes your substrate act like watercolour paper. It was very relaxing to let the watercolours mix and spread across the paper.


 The subject of my spread, "Friends" was inspired by th...

March 26, 2016

Woohoo...I'm so excited to announce the arrival of my brand new Subscriber's area - Whimsikans


When you subscribe to my site, you become a WhimsiKan and that gives you access to fun goodies and a free workshop.

There is not a huge amount of content there as yet...but we all have to start somewhere right...and from time to time the content may change, so it is worthwhile checking in to see what is...

February 5, 2016



Hi all. 

Today I uploaded a video where I play with my new 8" circular Gelli Plate. 

I've used about 5 sheets of A4 paper and transparent paint in yellow, burgandy and blue

At the end of the video, I show you a technique to take one of my prints a step further.


These Gelli prints are great for collage, book covers, ATC's, background papers...all sorts of things. Just to show you how you can use the...

July 25, 2015

Another tutorial...this time using fabric paint and baby wipes. We create pretty fabrics that can be put to a myriad of uses



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July 25, 2015

I wanted to redraw some of my recent portraits, just to see if I could reproduce their likenesses, but in a different pose.

Its a fun exercise and really stretches you to refine your previous work. I have noticed though, that some of my girls have aged in their new portraits....well...maybe time moves differently in faery land! lol

 Mother Earth, below, however seems to have remained the same age......

April 10, 2015

I thought I'd start to share some art journal pages on a regular basis, by way of video tutorials

Today's is about adding a flap onto the page. I've chosen my handbag as the image for the flap, I've also drawn the contents of my bag underneath the flap, so some time in the future, I'll be able to look back and get a glimpse of my 'past'.



April 6, 2015

Painted rocks can look amazing. 

 They are quick, easy and fun to make. 

 You can group them together for a pretty display or you can scatter them around your home, tucked onto shelves, tables or any little space available.

 Decorate them with patterns, words, snowflakes, simple pictures or whatever takes your fancy. These little works of art are precious little gifts that you can give by custom...

March 21, 2015





As if I don't have enough to keep me busy...I've discovered how cool folding book pages is! this one was so easy...I could almost do it with my eyes closed!



  • You want a book that numbered at 150 - 200 pages long  which is an actual page count 75 to 100 pages 

  • Separate your book from it's spine (ok...open your eyes as this step involves a sharp craft knife)

  • Insert a craft kni...

March 21, 2015

This is a quick flip through a travel journal that I madefor a trip through Germany, France and England .

First up ...... the making of the journal 

and here we have the journal filled with all the lovely memories




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